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In the past decade, cigarette smoking in America has decreased by 28% yet cigarette butts remain the most littered item in the U.S. and across the globe.  This international environmental issue is costing Australians billions of dollars with an estimated 60% of smokers not disposing of their butts appropriately when smoking outside.  This totals an astounding 32 billion cigarette butts littered around Australia annually, 9 billion butts in NSW alone, clogging up city streets and finding their way in to precious ecosystems.  If Australia‚Äôs discarded butts were place end to end every year, they would circle the globe 16 times.
Cigarette litter is an environmental hazard growing exponentially, gripping the globe.  Cigarettes are reportedly the most littered item in America; an astounding 130 million butts are discarded every year in Texas alone.  The product of its vast and fragile environment, Australia is largely an eco-friendly nation, although cigarette waste is a mounting concern.
Enviropoles are the first group in Australia to implement a cigarette litter recycling initiative, bringing the nation in line with the standard of first world leaders in hazardous waste management.  
Enivropoles are currently in discussions with the premier US cigarette waste management company to roll out a recycling scheme across Australia.  This partnership will take waste management in Australia to the next level, and will significantly improve the quality of life for the urban and rural population.
Leachate from the remnant tobacco portion of cigarette butts has been found to be deadly.Leachate from the remnant tobacco portion of cigarette butts has been found to be deadly.
Using a conservative value of only 5 milligrams of toxic to highly toxic chemicals contained in each butt we are adding over 75,000 kilograms of toxic waste.