Mounted cigarette litter units can be easily mounted to existing infrastructure including council bins, street signs and poles or brick, and concrete walls.

There are two sizes available to suit the needs of any area. The Compact 300(mm) can comfortably hold up to 450 butts in the powder coated internal canister, and is ideal for areas with low traffic or where aesthetics is essential, can be coupled with increased servicing.

The Compact 500(mm) is one of the largest wall units on the market and can comfortably hold 800 butts. This is ideal for locations where smokers congregate outside buildings or in public spaces, providing a safe and design friendly alternative to traditional cigarette litter solutions.

Enviropoles also offer a complimentary consultative service, to assist you in planning your cigarette litter management strategy. As part of this our experienced team will provide guidance on pole placement, service scheduling and design of spaces to ensure you are achieving the best possible outcomes.




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