Robert Schweitzer

After completing a degree course in Transport Economics at RMIT Robert commenced his career in the Logistics Industry. From 1983 he held various Marketing roles with Ansett Freight Express culminating as National Air Freight Manager and National Marketing Manager in 1988. Following on from this he held business development and marketing roles both here and in Singapore, both in Road Transport and International Freight Forwarding.

In 1993 Robert became the founder and Managing Director for RMS Transport Solutions, later to be known as RMSDAS. Over the next ten years the company transformed itself into a national ‘supply chain solutions’ business with 23 warehouse operations and some 300 staff around Australia.

In 2002 the business was sold to the 1st Fleet Group creating one of the top three privately own logistics operations in Australia. At this point Robert became an Executive Director until he ceased his full time role in 2004.

Today he remains a shareholder of 1st Fleet group, is actively involved in a number outside commercial pursuits beyond transport and in December 2005 became the Chairman of the Chartered Institute of Transport and Logistics – Victorian Section. Robert now holds a number of commercial directorships including Enviropoles Australia Pty Ltd.

Allan Sinclair
Executive Director

Allan has a Bachelor of Business and was a CPA for over 15 years. He has over 25 years experience in high level IT, general consulting and executive roles in the public and private sector (transport, IT consulting/development, banking, insurance and retail management).

He has co-owned and run one of Australia's most successful project management and consulting companies, Ajilon Consulting, which specialised in the deployment of large corporate business initiatives. Allan left the business after 8 years in 2001 having built it to just under 300 staff and closure of a successful sale of the company to Adecco the world's largest staff services provider.

Allan now is Chairman of Ceed, a boutique consulting firm which specialises in business value growth and strategy development.

Allan is also Chairman of the Snowgum Australia apparel retail chain and retains a number of directorships and commercial associations with a range of companies including a Directorship of Enviropoles. Allan’s current expertise focus is centred on managing and driving strategic turnarounds of businesses and related key growth initiatives, in particular strengthening process accountability for market management, customer relationship management and business development.

John O'Connor
Executive Director

John has over 20 years of leadership and management experience with a background in supply chain focused sales, operational and senior executive roles in Australia/New Zealand and overseas locations including Pakistan, Afghanistan, Croatia, Bosnia and Angola. These roles have encompassed both line management and functional support responsibilities in complex and demanding environments with significant bottom line accountability. Industries include paper, media services, construction materials, FMCG and the United Nations.

John is a Senior Partner with Daum Consulting, a boutique management consulting group, which provides business strategy, lean process, sales and marketing and supply chain consulting for clients across a range of industries.

John commenced his career as an officer in the Australian Army and has post graduate qualifications in business administration and logistics.

Peter Bitto
Executive Director

Peter has a Master of Science degree, specialising in Applied and Analytical Chemistry. He came to Australia in 1969 from Czechoslovakia and shortly after his arrival, was employed as an R&D Chemist and later as the Chief Chemist and National Technical Manager by Collie and Co, at that time, the largest printing ink manufacturer in Australia.

In 1986, after the Collie and Co take over by Adsteam, Peter started his own Chemical company – DS Chemport Australia P/L, which under 18 years of his leadership grew at an average rate of 33% P.A. and became the largest manufacturer and supplier of printing chemicals in Australia, as well as a substantial exporter into more than 30 countries worldwide, including Japan, USA, UK, Canada and most Asian counties.

In 1989 DS Chemport entered directly into the Asian market, by establishing an equal 3 party joint venture company in Malaysia with German and Malaysian partners and the same year entered also into the New Zealand market by starting up DS Chemport N.Z. based in Auckland.

Like DS Chemport Australia, the Malaysian and New Zealand companies also exhibited rapid growth and by 2002, when the whole group was sold to Fuji Hunt, all 3 companies dominated their respective markets.

After the sale of the business to Fuji Hunt, Peter bought a substantial share in Advanced Recycling Australasia, (ARA) a company specialising in recycling Mercury containing waste, such as Fluorescent Tubes, HID lamps and Dental Amalgam. In 2003 ARA was sold to Southern Rocycling P/L, one of the largest non-Ferrous metals recyclers in Australia. In 2007 Southern Rocycling was purchased by CMA Australia.

Peter is currently employed by CMA Australia (CMV) as a National Sales and Marketing Manager and is also a director of Enviropoles.