Enviropoles have been working with over 300 organisations to reduce cigarette butt litter, offering high quality servicing options and support.

Recent health related legislation and smoke-free policies has forced smoking outdoors, and onto the streets, resulting in a significant increase in visibility, and gaining the attention of the community.

Enviropoles currently service a range of industry groups and sectors, including:

  • Federal Government
  • Local Government
  • State Government
  • universities
  • retail and shopping precincts 
  • office and residential buildings.

Enviropoles also offer a complimentary consultative service, to assist you in planning your cigarette litter management strategy. As part of this our experienced team will provide guidance on pole placement, service scheduling and design of spaces to ensure you are achieving the best possible outcomes.

With an aim of reducing cigarette litter world-wide, we are expanding into the UK, Japan, Canada, North America and Europe.

Contact us for further information on how Enviropoles can enhance your public spaces.