The Enviropoles range of products and services improve of any outdoor space, providing essential infrastructure for your smoking staff and customers, while demonstrating your business’s environmental awareness and social responsibilities.

The revolutionary liquid charged system quickly absorbs cigarette litter, resulting in the butts sinking to the bottom of the unit, as opposed to floating, which immediately extinguishes the butt and increases the overall capacity of the unit.

High capacity units means reduced servicing, reduced costs and more efficient use of budgets.

Versatile unit designs which add aesthetic value to outdoor spaces and complement existing infrastructure, whilst performing an essential and safe service. Space for advertising is also available on many of the units.

The cost to the community of bin fires is high, with fire brigade call-out and burnt-out bin replacement costs.

Effective innovation with a unique barcoding system to track each unit, innovative liquid system, order control technology and tilted stay clean design – which also caters for needles and chewing-gum.

Detailed servicing reports highlight units that are no-longer being utilised and informs decisions on where infrastructure could be better placed to best service the community.

Environmentally-friendly disposal means contaminated water is not poured into drains, but is instead disposed of in a responsible way.