The information style unit is a free standing and designed to display two 520mm x 280mm posters on advertising panels – often used for environmental or anti-littering messaging, business promotion or commercial advertising.

Made of solid hard wearing and durable steel, our poles have been tested and approved by the Australian Special operations bomb testing police.

Made of solid hard wearing and durable steel, these units have been tested by the Australian special operations bomb testing police. The units are the highest capacity water charged unit on the market and comfortably holds up to 2,500 butts.

Free standing units are ideal to be positioned in areas away from buildings and other infrastructure, that also ensures minimal impacts to buildings as mounting brackets are installed directly into a paved or cemented area.

Mounted cigarette litter units can be easily mounted to existing infrastructure including council bins, street signs and poles or brick, and concrete walls.

There are two sizes available to suit the needs of any area. The Compact 300(mm) can comfortably hold up to 450 butts in the powder coated internal canister, and is ideal for areas with low traffic or where aesthetics is essential, can be coupled with increased servicing.