A safe and easy solution to keeping your community clean

The revolutionary No Graffiti kit provides a safe water-based removal liquid and gel suitable to any application. The non-caustic and non-flammable solution means easy storage and safe handling for users.  

No Graffiti is a water based formula with no harsh or aggressive chemicals. When hosing off or rinsing brushes, you can be assured the chemicals are not harming the environment.

Non-caustic with no acids or caustic chemicals used, eliminating the risk of chemical burns during application and whilst hosing it off.

Non-flammable meaning storage is easy with no risk of chemical fire or ignition.

Easy Application, simply paint on with brush, let sit and allow No Graffiti to penetrate the affected area before hosing off.

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Quick tip: Remove graffiti when it is first sighted. Leaving graffiti for extended periods of time requires the graffiti removal gel to sit on the affected area for a longer period of time.