Enviropoles are the first group in Australia to implement a cigarette litter recycling initiative, bringing the nation in line with the standard of first world leaders in hazardous waste management.  

Discarded waste in urban areas poses consequential health and safety risks to the population.  One cigarette contains up to 60 known carcinogens including formaldehyde and chromium; discarded cigarette butts lining the city streets with arsenic.

Additionally, cigarette litter causes significant environmental damage with the potential for one butt to contaminate up to eight litres of water.  Melbourne Water confirmed that cigarette butts are the most commonly discarded item in Melbourne’s creeks, rivers and bays with an astounding 350,000 cigarette butts entering Port Phillip Bay every day.  

NSW is equally as affected by cigarette litter, accounting for half of all discarded waste.  To combat this environmental damage that is growing exponentially, the Parramatta City Council has implemented a series of Enviropoles; waste disposal units specifically designed to capture and hygienically contain cigarette litter.  

“It is estimated that seven billion cigarette butts are littered in Australia every year – about one third of all cigarettes smoked,” Cameron Fox, CEO of Enviropoles explained.  “That equates to more than 5,000 tonnes of butts annually.” 

“We collect around 2.5 million butts every month from both Enviropoles and through servicing other cigarette litter collection modules. That is a sizeable amount of toxic waste that won’t be released into our unique Australian environment,” Cameron said.

“We’ve recently adopted and implemented world-class technology engineered in Canada to dispose of this waste with minimal effect on the environment.” Cameron said. 

With the support of the tobacco industry in Australia including British American Tobacco Australia and Imperial Tobacco Australia, cigarette waste is being repurposed, creating new items from properties which exclusively served as landfill. 

“Enviropoles is enabling Australia to meet the international standard for waste management and recycling.  We’re endeavouring for our cigarette litter waste initiative to become the national standard.” Cameron said.

To learn more about Enviropoles innovative liquid charged system or recycling of waste from pre-installed units, please contact Enviropoles on 1300 428 887 or visit www.enviropoles.com.