Enivropoles are currently in discussions with the premier US cigarette waste management company to roll out a recycling scheme across Australia.  This partnership will take waste management in Australia to the next level, and will significantly improve the quality of life for the urban and rural population.  

The US shares Australia’s concern of cigarette waste littering residential areas and polluting fragile environments.  Out of the 300 billion cigarettes sold in the US annually, it is estimated that one third of butts are disposed of recklessly.  To combat this issue, a number of American companies have developed sophisticated systems to capture, filter and repurpose this astronomical volume of cigarette waste. 

Enviropoles will be the first Australian company to team with US experts in waste management to repurpose cigarette butts in to entirely new products.  

“Australian smokers have the same attitude towards littering as Americans,” Cameron Fox, CEO of Enviropoles said.  “Identical to the US, 30% of Australian smokers discard their butts unsafely, and this is why we are collaborating with an American company; they’ve engineered groundbreaking technology to solve this problem on a much larger scale.”

“With this company’s help, we will remove butts from the street, process them, before manufacturing the volume to create purposeful consumer products including park benches, household utensils and building materials.  The recycling program that we are about to implement will change the way Australians manage waste forever.” Fox said. 

“Every person should be afforded the right to walk down a clean street, and through this partnership, this is possible.  By uniting with US waste experts we are investing in a healthier lifestyle and sustainable future for all Australians.” Fox said. 

To learn more about Enviropoles and their future cigarette waste management initiatives please contact Enviropoles on 1300 428 887 or visit www.enviropoles.com.